Our Values


Our Values and Corporate Culture

• To win trust you need to deliver what you promise.
• Commitment and dedication are embedded in the forefront of our corporate culture.
• We devoted our resources and capabilities to enhance our core competencies, harnessing the latest technologies and sciences in our specialty to always meet customer requests.
• Our belief is: creative energy and passion drives us, and it is the spirit that we try to embody within our work.

“Zero Accident” Policy

“Zero Accident” policy is both a goal and achievement at United Interiors. Health and Safety rules and regulations are a top priority at our construction sites and related facilities. We also check for potential hazards and/or accidents at our sites/facilities to minimize any possibility of occurrence.

Environmental Responsibility

Acting as a contractor and/or investor for construction and operation of industrial, commercial and infrastructure facilities at home and abroad; United Interiors mission dictates that it must be involved in, and continuously increase its contribution to the communities where it works. Management of social impact includes the process of identifying, monitoring and managing the intended and unintended social consequences of a project. Its aim is to bring about a more sustainable and equitable environment.